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  • bueno

  • this chick is hot. anymore vids of her?

  • Awsome Video

  • this chick is soooo hot. amazing

  • hot

  • hot hot hotn

  • i saw 1 other video of her on motherless before theyntook down all the beastiality videos. she had gained anlittle weight (not horrible) but it was obviously her. nEspecially when she kept referring to the dog as gator.nhe had settled down quite a bit and was letting her donwhatever she waned to him, which was fuck the shit outnof him. i love the fact her videos were obviouslynamateur and she was in the US. plus her enthusiasm fornfucking her dog in the 3rd video was AMAZING!

  • Wish I could see all of her vids

  • kezo1956 02.16.15

    huh huh, unfortunately this vid !!!!!

  • oldtimer1 07.28.15

    great, loved her new position