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  • Wow she is hot and looks great fucking her dogs. Hope to see a lot more please. She have a special website.

  • Whao Ilik this

  • good

  • One of the best if you like to see the dog to fuck the girl rather than the girl fuck the dog. This 'stray-x' girl keeps her ass in the air and her face to the floor so that every dog (8 of them!!) gets well into her. Except for the Pitbull who she takes 'missionary'; he pounds her hard and she humps him right back, with his balls bouncing on her asshole, and she gives him a hug and a snog at the end!! Wow!

  • Indeed, she is the Mother of all dogfuckers.. Wish i were oe of her dogs.

  • rdolski 09.25.13


  • georgia85peaches 10.02.13

    Wow that's a beautiful and good girl taking on all those dogs! Wish I was in her position!!! <3