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  • This is an old poor quality image video but still one of the best! Vids of girls being fucked by pigs are very rare, so enjoy this one. The farmer's wife goes with the dog into the barn where there's a HUGE boar in his sty. nnThe woman starts by playing with the dog and lets him try to fuck her; he's keen to do it but never quite gets into her properly, so she's frustrated.nn She jumps over the wall into the sty and talks to the pig and, very weird, pisses on him! :/ Then she gets on her knees leaning over an old mattress in the straw, and the pig leaps onto her ready to fuck; but she twists around, onto her back, with the pig on top, missionary style! She's gasping as he penetrates her at about 3:37 and wraps her legs high around his huge belly to help him screw her (he's probing for the hole in her cervix with that 50 cm cork-screw cock!!)nHe's too heavy for her, so she squirms out from under him and goes on all-fours again. He mounts her and starts to fuck her hard. She's gasping in response to his big lunging thrusts, grunting, screwing his cock deep into her cunt !! At 3:58 I think he finally corkscrews into her cervix, and she's shocked by that and pulls away. But she moves her ass back again to let him finish the job properly!! Wow! n

  • marilyn_slimson 04.02.16

    What movie is this?